Arosol Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Blog Latest Products Fri, 24 May 2024 02:38:32 +0530 en-us Herbal Medicines for Your Pets Mon, 09 Mar 2015 12:26:34 +0530 Pets become an integral part of people’s lives, resulting into emotional attachment due to their faithfulness and love. So, keeping your pet healthy and happy should be important to you, and so you need to understand your pet's health to make that effort a fruitful one. Information regarding the maintenance of good health of your pet can be gained from books, magazines, articles and columns in newspapers, and finally the internet that provides endless information on the matter. Everything available online is always not genuine, so you need to be able to differentiate the good information from the bad. Where to find reliable information about your pet’s health? Your veterinarian should be your number one on the list for several reasons. Your veterinarian is familiar with you, your pet and your pet's unique health needs, and so they can answer your questions and concerns based on their knowledge. They know the medical history of your pet. Moreover, your veterinarian is a trained professional who have the required knowledge to provide you with accurate information. The internet is a good source for finding good pet health information. Your veterinarian can recommend you some websites useful for you. There are many Communities online regarding pet health that offers interaction with reputed veterinarians.  Few tips to keep your pet healthy You should try to keep your pet at a healthy weight and also make them exercise. Always feed your pet with a balanced that has nutritious contents. You should visit your veterinarian with your pet at least once a year to make sure that your pet is healthy and to give the necessary vaccinations. Keep your pet free of parasites and consult your veterinarian for the best products. As humans, animals also suffer from respiratory problems. There are many companies that manufacture quality herbal Animal Health Products. Eucalyptus Respiratory Product is one such herbal product which is also one of the best for your pet’s respiratory problems. Some other Animal health Products that one can order from these reputed companies are Natural Choline, various <a href=""></b>Animal Feed Products</b></a>, etc. Natural choline: An effective nutrient for poultry bird Wed, 25 Mar 2015 16:49:11 +0530 Choline is the newest nutrient that is added to list of human & Animals vitamins. Choline is now globally recognised as important nutrient that one requires in the everyday meal program. Previously, it was thought that our bodies produce sufficient choline from several other nutrients to cater to the needs. However, choline-depleted diet shows that one really requires an outside source of choline to allow the body run perfectly well.<a href=""><b>Natural choline</b></a> can be bought from leading manufacturers who have an extensive range of plant based replacement to choline chloride content. The product offered is normally processed with the use of sophisticated technology and high graded ingredient as per the industrial standards. You can avail them in various packaging options as per the need. Being the component of nerve acid fat and lecithin, choline chloride is used by animals as the precursor to acetyl choline that influences the impulse transmission from nerves to muscles. It even acts as a great source of the methyl group. Since the choline content in animal and poultry feed is limited, there is the requirement of some outside source of choline. Natural Choline better the synthetic Cholin chlorideCholine Chloride product Tri Methyl Amine (TMA) which is a toxic compound and is not supported to feed. Herbal Choline Replacement does not produce TMA.Choline Chloride has contractions with other vitamins; the product kills other Vitamins and start losing the efficacy of other added Vitamins to the Feed. Herbal Choline is very much stable with other Vitamins and all other ingredients can maintain their efficacy.Cholin Chloride is Corrosive in Nature and also it has oxidative nature. Herbal One has no such properties. Animal feces adversely effect with Choline Chloride, which is not at all with herbal Choline. The dosage of Herbal Choline is just half of Synthetic Choline 60%. What is the use of addition choline to animal feed?Chloline chloride is widely used as additive for feed for it has the capacity of stimulating poultry and animal growth and allows them to put on weight swiftly and boost the immunity system of the body. Choline has a significant effect upon improving quality and quantity of meat and eggs. Choline deficiency may cause retarded growth, liver diseases, reducing eggs in number, perosis and increased mortality.How can choline help in membrane structuring?Choline is an indispensable part of the production of phosphatidylcholine that is an important structural building block of living cell. It has the soap like structure, which assists in maintaining membrane fluidity and is mostly impermeable. Phosphatidylcholine is essential to cellular formation, and you can find it in different foods. In most foods, phosphatidylcholine is the single category of choline.How is choline crucial for nervous system activity?Choline is the essential component of acetylcholine in nervous system. Acetylcholine is an important component that keeps the heart and intestines moving. Any muscular movement requires the signal of acetylcholine for contraction. Food rich in choline is rich in nutrition. Suppliers also provide the stock of choline chloride to their clients online. The two components choline and chloride are used for manufacturing chemical compounds that are available in a wide range of specifications as per the needs of the customer.